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List of accepted papers

The following 16 papers have been accepted for publication in the proceedings of WSE2005 and presentation in Budapest on September 25, 2005:

  • Developing Component-based Adaptive Web Applications with the AMACONTBuilder
    Z. Fiala, M. Hinz, and K. Meissner

  • REGoLive: Building a Web Site Comprehension Tool by Extending GoLive
    G. Gui, H. M. Kienle, and H. A. Müller

  • Necessity of Methodologies to Model Rich Internet Applications
    J. C. Preciado, M. Linaje, F. Sánchez, and S. Comai

  • Towards Evolving Web Sites into Grid Services Environment
    J. Li and H. Yang

  • Web Accessibility Evolution in the United Kingdom
    J. Bailey and E. Burd

  • Web Testing: A Roadmap for the Empirical Research
    P. Tonella and F. Ricca

  • A Comprehensive Model for Web Sites Quality
    O. Signore

  • Role Based Reengineering of Web Applications
    A. De Lucia, M. Giordano, G. Polese, G. Scanniello, and G. Tortora

  • Hyperlinks Analysis in Multilingual Web Applications
    F. Ricca

  • Evaluating Web Usability with MiLE+
    L. Triacca, A. Inversini, and D. Bolchini

  • Modernizing Java Server Pages by Transformation
    S. Xu and T. Dean

  • Crosscutting Concerns in J2EE Applications
    A. Mesbah and A. van Deursen

  • Web Site Accessibility: Identifying and Fixing Accessibility Problems in Client Page Code
    G. A. Di Lucca, A. R. Fasolino, and P. Tramontana

  • Integrating Static and Dynamic Analysis to Improve the Comprehension of Existing Web Applications
    M. Di Penta and G. A. Di Lucca