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Keynote Presentation

Title: Testing an E-Government Web Site
Speaker: Harry M. Sneed
Affiliation: Anecon GmbH, Vienna, Austria
Universities of Budapest, Passau & Regensburg


This keynote deals with the problem of testing web sites where the code is not available. The website in question was an E-Government website of the state of Saxony in eastern Germany. The keynote describes the experience of the author in extracting test cases from natural language specifications, generating testdata for relational databases from the database schemas and generating XML/WSDL requests from the interface descriptions. The test included testing the web pages in dialog mode as well as testing the web services in batch mode.

About the speaker

Harry M. Sneed received a Masters Degree in Information Sciences from the University of Maryland in 1969. After working 3 years for the U.S. Navy as a programmer/analyst, he migrated to Germany and worked for Siemens as a systems programmer, a reengineer and a project leader in the field of database technology. In 1978. he left Siemens to found a software test laboratory with the SZAMOK and SZKI institutes in Budapest, Hungary. He later directed a software tool development laboratory there until the end of the socialist regime. During this time he developed tools for all phases of the software life cycle from the requirements analysis through design and code generation, source analysis, module and integration testing to maintenance and reverse engineering. The tools were used by some of Germany's leading corporations as well as in Hungary and the Soviet Union. Following the collapse of the socialist system, Sneed migrated to Switzerland and worked for the Swiss banks as a reenginneering project leader until 1996. During this period he developed several tools for software reverse and reengineering. In 1996 he returned to Germany to work in various projects as a software wrapping expert. In 1998, he left Germany again to work in Austria as a tester and quality assurance agent in a large scale standard software project - the GEOS project. In 2003, he lost his job there and was unemployed for a while. Since November of 2003 he has been working as a systems tester for the AneCon GmbH in Vienna, where he has participated until now in four different projects. Sneed has written 15 books on various fields of software engineering. He has also published more than 200 technicle articles in English and German. Since the year 2000, he has been teaching at the Universities of Koblenz and Regensburg in Germany, Budapest and Szeged in Hungary, and Benevento in Italy as a part time lecturer.